Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter morning was so much fun! Emmett got up an spotted one of the eggs we hid around the house right away. He did a really good job finding them and was so excited for more eggs.

The first egg he found

Finding another one on the entertainment center

Another behind the curtains! He didn't want to put any of them down and kept trying to carry them all at once.

 His last egg was on the back of his chair!

He spotted his Easter basket pretty quickly too and didn't hesitate to tear in to it.

M&Ms are his favorite. He was pretty happy to find these in his basket.

 He really wanted me to open them right away.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the farm so Emmett could visit his Nana, Great Grandma, uncles and cousins. He got to have another egg hunt with them! Here is Emmett with his cousins. The hats were apparently an Easter gift from Nana. Emmett thought they were funny. He got that bubble wand that he refused to let go of for most of the afternoon. 

Egg hunting while still holding his bubble wand.

He took a break to say hi to the cows and then found another egg...all while of course still holding his bubbles.

Found another one!

Daddy convincing him to putt some eggs in his basket.

 He found his last egg and then headed inside for some lunch. His uncle made homemade pizza, but Emmett was more interested in running around with his cousins.

We went home after lunch and Emmett crashed pretty hard. We had plans to spend the afternoon with my side of the family, but they came down sick and we had to postpone our get together to a later date. The sun came out though so we took Emmett to the park to enjoy some fresh air. 

He rode the bouncy horse.

There was a little girl flying a kite and he watched the kite for quite some time.

We also broke out the bubble wand. Emmett loved watching the bubbles go by.

He gave it a shot himself, but he couldn't quite get the hang of it yet. He only managed to make a couple bubbles himself.

Playing with the wheel on the play structure.

Crossing the bridge with Daddy. He was really mad that we wouldn't let him cross it himself, but it was high up and the sides were open.

He loved climbing the stairs.

He went down the slide with Daddy.

Then he decided he wanted to go down by himself. Daddy letting him go...

Going down by himself and looking less than sure about it.

By the time he made it to the bottom, he loved it and decided to go down by himself a few more times. 

After the park we headed back home and decided to dye some eggs. Emmett made sure to dip his hand in each color before putting the eggs in.

Action shot. I think it's funny that you can see the dye spilling over the edge.

This is an egg spinner that we tried thinking it would be less messy for him. You put the egg in there with some dye and push that top button down so it will spin. It doesn't coat the eggs very well though.

Back to dipping them in the dye cups.

Finished eggs!

He got a bath after the messy egg dyeing. He got to try out the new foam bath letters/number and bath crayons from his Easter basket.

He also got to try the new electric toothbrush that the Easter bunny brought him. He wasn't so sure at first.

Decided that maybe he would try it...

He ended up deciding he really liked it. In fact, he liked it so much that we had to chase him down to get it back from him!

We had a really awesome weekend and I think Emmett is exhausted from all of the excitement. We hope to be able to see the family we missed today some time next weekend for some more celebrating.