Monday, April 21, 2014


We had so much fun celebrating Easter this year! Emmett was very excited for anything and everything to do with eggs. His weekend was packed full of fun times and we made some awesome holiday memories.

In his Easter jammies on Saturday night

There's a bunny on his butt!

Finding his eggs on Easter morning!

Eating some jelly beans he found in one of his eggs...

Going through his basket!

Then he spotted Nana and his cousin out back hiding eggs in the yard for the big egg hunt. He had a blast hunting for eggs.

Walking out to the track with his cousin. The eggs out there were for the older kids, but he wanted to tag along.

Going down the slide on his old climber, with his basket of course

Hanging out with his cousins on the swing set!

 Falling alseep on her lap! Probably one of my favorite pictures from Easter this year. :)

The best of the group shots aka the one with the least amount of people blinking.

After a nap, his Grandma and cousins Serentiy and Nemi came over for Easter dinner and some more fun. Here are some from egg coloring after dinner. He was frantically dropping eggs in dye. I had no idea he would have so much fun with this! He was yelling "pease! pease!" for more eggs to dye.

Here are a couple shots from his second egg hunt of the day. I didn't get many pictures after egg coloring because Emmett was cashed out and then my memory card was full!

Swing Set!

Emmett got a new swing set a week or so ago. It's a big hit! 

The first time exploring was mostly him trying to climb up the slide...

Here are a few from a couple days later. He was dressed in an Easter shirt because we went to an egg hunt at Kensington park that morning. He wouldn't give up his basket full of eggs for anything! 

Hopefully I can get some better pictures of him enjoying it later!