Monday, June 30, 2014

Backyard Fun!

We spent the evening in the backyard, just relaxing and having fun!

Emmett played with his mud pie kitchen for a bit

Then he tried out the sprinkler. Big hit! Lots of sprinkler pictures since he was having so much fun!

This picture cracks me up! The sprinkler was making a rainbow and he just happened to pose like that right as I snapped the picture.

Enjoying the glider while Daddy swings next to him...

Nature Center

Today we made a trip out to the Howell Nature Center. Neither of us had been there since we were kids so we were excited to check it out! Turns out a lot has changed! They have a trail full of animals, as well as a really cool Nature Scape which is a completely natural playground. Pretty cool!

Checking out the coyotes. The staff came over and made them howl. Emmett wasn't sure what to think of that!

Going into the tunnel to get up to the little viewing glass area for the groundhog...

There he is! He has to be carried away from the tunnel because he didn't want to leave. The groundhog wasn't even in there!

Checking out a barn owl

The nature scape was definitely the coolest part and we spent about an hour and a half there! They have this really cool wading pool with a waterfall. 

Checking out the big bucket of toys

Dumping them in!

Heading over to check out the waterfall...

He loved this rubber ducky and kept making him go down the waterfall

Then he found another rubber ducky...

And decided to race them!

On to a boat!

I guess the ducky wanted to hitch a ride in the boat...

Once we finally pulled him away from the water area(not an easy task!) and got some dry clothes on him, we got to check out the rest of the nature scape. Here he is making some music...

Then he found the sandbox and this was where we spent the rest of our time here. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ice Cream & Park Time

We were going to go to the balloon festival today, but the launch was canceled due to the weather. Bummer! We decided to plan on the balloon fest tomorrow and made other plans for today. We visited a friend and had a play date, and then headed out for ice cream and spent some time at the park.

Emmett got chocolate ice cream! He was also helping himself to Daddy's strawberry sundae...

Swing time at the park


Lounging on the slide...

Making some music

On to the gears!

Spinning on this thing. It was a big hit, but he did get a minor injury when he slipped on it. :/ 

Fueling his sugar rush some more once we got home. He was given that sucker on our play date and wanted it so badly!