Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stocked Freezer

About a week ago, Justin and I made a big shopping trip and then spent the day cooking up some meals to have in the freezer. I like the idea of just being able to pull out and thaw something rather than be bothered with cooking those first few days home with baby. We have a tiny freezer so we didn't get too crazy.

I froze most of it flat, so it would only take up one shelf of our limited space.

Our freezer stash includes:
-Big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, divided into 2 meals. I need to share this recipe soon because this stuff is amazing!

-Blue Ribbon Chili, divided into 2 meals

-Sloppy Joes(I just used the canned stuff)

-A meatloaf that is ready to just be tossed in the oven. I will share this recipe later as it is our go-to meatloaf.

-Beef Stroganoff, divided into 2 meals

-Burger patties and buns, enough for two meals

-Cooked & shredded chicken and flour shells because we love having chicken tacos