Monday, September 2, 2013


We ended our holiday weekend on Monday with a visit from some family. Emmett got to play with his cousin Serenity, and everyone got to see his new baby cousin, Nemi.

Nemi! She is just over 2 weeks old.

Emmett and Serenity checking out the zoo.

Emmett was showing off his new bed! They were really adorable. They bounced on their butts and smacked each other with stuffed animals and pillows.

Checking out the alphabet train.

There were so many more moments that I wish I had caught on camera. Emmett pushed Serenity around the house in his dump truck, they gave each other plenty of hugs. It was really sweet. 

Nemi mostly hung out like this with Grandma. :)

Labor Day Weekend

Justin was a bit under the weather this holiday weekend, so we kept things low key. We did manage to get Emmett's big boy bed put together and set up. He loves it! Now I just need to finish the rest of his room. :)

Here is his new big boy bed!

Sunday we went to our favorite cider mill, Parshallville, for their opening weekend. My camera battery died, so all I have is a few crappy quality pictures from my phone. Reaching in the bag to grab himself a donut...

Got one!


Trying a few sips of apple cider!

Happy boy with donut all over his face. :)

Running across the bridge!

After the cider mill we did a little shopping and then had a backyard BBQ with just the 3 of us. Emmett got to play on his splash pad and run around like a wild man. He had SO much fun. It was a wonderful evening with just our little family. I took a lot of spalsh pad pictures just because he was having such a blast.

Thinking about diving in..

Silly boy trying to drink the water.

Just happy.

Really happy.


Peaking at me through the rainbow.

Taking a break!

He also decided to go down the slide on his wet belly...

We played peak-a-boo with the shutters on his playhouse...

He checked out the inside for a while.

My new favorite photo of the summer!

 Daddy grilled us some burgers and hot dogs so we ate our dinner outside. Emmett wanted to sit in the chair like a big guy with no booster or anything. dog and chips!