Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off our long weekend with a trip to the Toledo Zoo. It was a little crazy and there was a parking issue, but we eventually found a spot in a city lot and entered the back entrance to the zoo. We spent the whole day there and had a blast! Emmett loves riding around in his wagon so much more than his stroller. He was really interested in everything. Definitely won't be our last trip to the zoo this year!

He seriously thought this little cup he got with his lunch was the most amazing thing ever. He even carried it around after we got home.

Pointing at the ape!

He was peaking at us

The kids section has this little lazy river, and it was a big hit for my water baby!

 He ended up falling on his butt in the lazy river so we had to change his pants. We then headed over to the little beach area next to the river. He LOVES playing in the sand.

He got a shovel full of sand and then dumped it out over his head...repeatedly.

He was pretty interested in the elephant exhibit.

Checking out the rhino with Daddy.

Riding the carousel!

We also rode the safari train, but I didn't get any pictures of that. We checked out pretty much all of the animals before we called it a day.

Sunday was kind of a lazy day because Justin had some work to do on the farm. After he was finished with his work we took Emmett to the park and then went out to dinner. 


Trying out his new bubble bucket

He learned how to dip them himself and was so proud!

Steering wheels are always a hit.

Chilling in the tunnel.

Monday we went to the Memorial Day parade in Hartland. Emmett was fascinated with the planes flying over us.

They were handing out these little flags and Emmett proudly waved his!

Checking out the view from Daddy's shoulders.

The parade was really fun. Emmett waved at the parade floats and clapped for them. He loved the marching band too!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Way to Emmett's Heart...

is watermelon. It's his favorite food, ever! 

Pony Ride and Water Play!!

Last weekend was an exciting one for Emmett. We went to an open house at a petting farm where he was nibbled on by goats, played with bubbles, and rode a pony!

The goats. There was A LOT of poop in there. :/

This big bucket of bubbles with all of the different bubble wands was probably the highlight of the entire open house for Emmett. He was obsessed with them and it was quite the challenge to get him away from this bucket!

Wandering through the little play house

His first ever pony ride!! He wasn't scared, but he wasn't all that excited either. He was still mad at us for taking him away from the bubble bucket.

After we got home, Emmett took a nap and we set up his water toys so he could cool off with them when he got up. He really liked the sprinkler! It's really nice beacause the height of the water is adjustable by how hard you turn the water on. He didn't like it too high! He pretty much held his golf club the entire time he was outside. No idea why.