Saturday, May 24, 2014

Puddle Stomping

We had a solid week of rain that left us with all kinds of puddles. We let Emmett put his new tractor rainboots on and go out to stomp in them. He thought this was pretty much the coolest thing ever!

Pool Fun!

We had a really warm day last week, so we got out the pool I bought for Emmett on clearance last fall. It is dinosaur themed and came with balls. Right us his alley! He wasn't timid about it at all this year and dived right in.

Spring Randoms

Here are some random pictures from this spring that have been piling up on my camera. :)

Stomp rockets that Grandma gave him for Easter! Trying to put the rocket on upside down...

Daddy showing him the right way

Trying to launch it!

Can't quite get it...

Daddy helped him!

Attacking bubbles with sticks.

Trying the rocket by himself again

He did it!!

A quick wagon ride...

 He has his wrench ready to help Daddy with the mower!

Taking charge!