Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Craft

I've been browsing Pinterest for some Valentine's Day crafts and came across this one. It seemed pretty easy and we had all of the materials on hand. Emmett did better than I thought he would with it and actually did stamp out a couple hearts. Of course then he smeared it all over, but I expected that.

The finished product!

Castaway Cafe Play Date

Emmett got a chance to go to Castaway Cafe and play with his buddy a little. They actually went their separate ways after the first few minutes because Emmett wanted to spend most of his time in the little toddler inflatable area.

They did get together in this little school bus, but there was a pushing incident and they decided to part ways after that. :p

Emmett wanted both wheels. Guess we need to work on sharing a bit more.

This little inflatable safari is where Emmett spent most of his time(when he wasn't eating chicken tenders).

He kept ripping his socks off and I kept chasing after him to put them back on. When he would get tired he would kick back against the inflatable edge and put his feet up. It was pretty adorable.

Snow Much Fun!

We have actually had quite a bit of snow this year, compared to last.

 First sled ride. He didn't know what to think of the snow gear.

Exploring the snow

Baby down! He fell over and couldn't get up.

Daddy rescued him :)

 Sled ride back to the house

Hat hair!


Emmett had a blast opening his gifts on Christmas morning. I think Santa may have spoiled him. ;)

So excited!!

Checking out what he got inside his stocking

A chocolate marshmallow Santa!

Love this face!

Looking identical to his Daddy here

More handsome smiles

Last gift...a power wheels quad!

Playing with his mega bloks table, which was probably his favorite gift.

His doggy's love him. :)

Later in the day we headed over to celebrate Christmas with Justin's family. Emmett mostly watched his cousins open gifts and then went crazy in a pile of wrapping paper. 

Opening another gift

He's in there somewhere...

There he is!