Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Fun

We are enjoying the summer weather(minus the humidity!) and have been getting a lot of outside play in. Here are some from the splash pad and water table fun today.

Water table! With his frog and his plane.

When you wind this frog up he swims around. Emmett really gets a kick out of it!

Trying the frog out in the splash pad.

Back to the water table.

Kicking and splashing!

He also stuck his face right in the sprinklers. He didn't mind at all and ended up taking a drink while he was at it.

 Climbing the water table even though he knows he isn't supposed to...

Taking a break!

One last splash before going in for dinner!

Handsome. :)

Parent and Tot Gym Class

Emmett had his very first parent and tot gym class at Hartland Gymnastics this week! It's a structured activity and Emmett really just wanted to run around and play, so we had a bit of a rough start. Once he actually got going things went much better. We are hoping next week is even smoother!

Jumping on the trampoline.

 Climbing down the ramp

Climbing the "mountain"

The idea was to hold the bar and swing to kick the balloon. Emmett just wanted the balloon. :)

Stepping over the bars.

 Walking the balance beam.

More climbing down the ramp...

 Back to the balloons. Starting to get the idea!

 He really loved this ramp!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th

We had family over for a cookout on July 4th, and Emmett got to run around outside and play with his cousin all evening.

Messy boy eating chocolate and graham cracker. He decided he didn't want the marshmallow.


Thinking they were a little young for sparklers, I got a pack of glow sticks for them to play with. They were pretty cute in their matching necklaces!

Playing in the sandbox. Notice Emmett covered in sand. That happens every single time the lid is off the sandbox...

 He looks like such a big boy in these next few pictures!

 Checking out the lightning bugs in the cup!