Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fingerprint Fun!

We have a fingerprint activity book that we have been forgetting about for a long time. We finally pulled it out and decided to start it this evening! Each page has a different theme of things to make out of fingerprints. Emmett picked the bug page to do tonight, so we made some caterpillars and other bugs. I'm kind of in love with the idea of doing these as a family until we fill the book, and then saving it as a keepsake.

Here are our caterpillars! You can also see Emmett's rainbow handprint because he insisted on putting his hand on the whole ink pad and then slapping it down. Ha! He wanted to do his foot too, but I told him to save it for next time. :) 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Splash Pad & Park

It was super hot last weekend so we hit up the splash pad at Kensington. Needless to say he loved it!

Some park time the same weekend...


We finally got a chance to make a visit to the new aquarium at the great lakes crossing mall. It was on the smaller side, but Emmett loved it! 

In one of the many tunnels/tubes they could look through

Touch pool

Checking out some sting rays

Looking through a dome

He was really in awe of the bigger tank

He loved this little crawl through tunnel

Pointing out the sting ray that was hanging out right above him!

July 4th Weekend

We went up to Lake City again this year for the 4th of July. There was lots of hanging out with family, beach time, fireworks and fun.

They have a huge parade that lasts over an hour. They hand out some serious loot! Here he is walking back to us with a frisbee

Yep. That's a big chocolate milk and an ice pop. His second ice pop actually.

His little chair full of loot. We forgot to bring a bag so Nana had to stuff it all in her purse


Trying really hard to pull the string on a party popper

He got it!

Having some of cousin Terry's birthday cake! It was angel food with rainbow sherbert in the middle and whipped cream frosting.

He was a fan

More bubbles! We actually went through a giant jug of bubbles this trip

His first time getting to try sparklers

I stocked up on glow stuff from the dollar store so he was all decked out come dark. Many sword fights were had with his cousins

Ready to walk down to the beach for the fireworks!

A few from our time on the beach. He was very excited to collect shells this time. He ended up with quite the collection!

Some park time one evening