Friday, March 16, 2012

The Best Days

I love my days home with Emmett. My last day off with him we went shopping for summer clothes at the mall, went for a walk, and ran some errands. Today I decided we would just hang around the house and relax.

After a nap in the swing, we had some fun in the Jumperoo. He made the silliest face.

We took a break from the fun so Emmett could eat. He takes about four 8 oz bottles per day now! After that we just hung out in his room, playing on the floor.

He munched his hands

Notice he is sporting a pair of BabyLegs. I think he may have one of every boy pair they make. I love these on him! He doesn't get too hot and diaper changes are super easy.

He finally showed me how he turns in a circle in his crib. Apparently he kicks his legs up and rocks to the side over and over, which slowly moves him in a circular motion.

He is starting to prefer laying on his side rather than his back. Sadly I think that means we have to wean from the Woombie soon. :( He also loves these little links.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Say hello to Joe Cool!

Rocking his Baby Banz on a stroller walk yesterday.

That was actually his second time going for a walk this week. Here are a couple pictures from his first adventure in the fresh air.

Kicking and Wiggling

Emmett's favorite activity is just to kick and wiggle on the floor.

Woe is me

We call this his "woe is me" look.