Saturday, June 25, 2016


Balloonfest is one of our favorite things to go to each year! Emmett got a wrist band and rode lots of rides at the carnival. He was 1 inch shy of being able to ride some of the bigger ones, but he should be good to go next year! It was hot, hot, hot today! We spent a couple hours at the carnival and then left to go get some dinner. We came back to see the balloon launch before calling it a night.

First ride was the groovy bus!

He did this obstacle course with the big tunnel slide a few times

This was a fun house with a big slide. He didn't like this one if you can't tell

Cooling off with a snow cone! 

This was his favorite ride! He rode it a couple times and was laughing like a maniac.

Some balloon shots! We weren't in the best spot this year because we got back late.

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