Saturday, June 25, 2016


Balloonfest is one of our favorite things to go to each year! Emmett got a wrist band and rode lots of rides at the carnival. He was 1 inch shy of being able to ride some of the bigger ones, but he should be good to go next year! It was hot, hot, hot today! We spent a couple hours at the carnival and then left to go get some dinner. We came back to see the balloon launch before calling it a night.

First ride was the groovy bus!

He did this obstacle course with the big tunnel slide a few times

This was a fun house with a big slide. He didn't like this one if you can't tell

Cooling off with a snow cone! 

This was his favorite ride! He rode it a couple times and was laughing like a maniac.

Some balloon shots! We weren't in the best spot this year because we got back late.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sky Zone!

Today was Father's Day and Justin decided he just wanted to catch a movie as a family and relax. We went to see Finding Dory and noticed that Sky Zone was pretty much empty as we were leaving the movie. We stopped in and they were running a special where dad could jump for free so we took advantage! I'm not sure which one had more fun! I didn't have my camera but I do have some phone pictures and a video.

He stuck his sticker to the giant cube everyone sticks them to on the way out the door

Emmett and daddy jumping in the foam pit

Friday, June 17, 2016

Strawberry Time!

We picked strawberries at Degroots again this year. I made a batch of jam and strawberry jello pretzel salad. The rest made it to the freezer for later!

Summer Weekends

It's not actually summer for another week or two, but it's close enough! I love summer weekends. Saturday we went to the nature center at Kensington. Emmett loves to feed the fish and turtles there!

Feeding some fish

Big fish!

More and more turtles come up the longer you feed them. They get pretty territorial and swat at each other with their tiny feet. It cracks Emmett up

Inside the nature center they have a little play area. Emmett loved looking at all of the slides under the microscope. 

He also loved these "blocks" which were an actual cut up tree

On Sunday we made our annual trip to Frankenmuth. We always stop at Bronner's and get a new ornament or two each year and then walk around town a bit. Emmett was very excited to pick out his own ornament this year! 

Next to the giant Santa at Bronner's! 

Watching them make fudge!

Eating some gelato from Sugar High

The best shot he would let me get with the fountain in town. Of course he wouldn't cooperate for a family picture.